What can I do for the world?  I am alive , safe and having access to whole lot of comforts which I did not make myself.   I bought them for sure with a fraction of money of the total amount of money spent by the people of  whole world. People  residing in  whole world have made it possible . I am nothing when  I compare  myself with genius people of this wonderful world who have spent hours of their life: not only hours but  some of them spent their  whole life  to make it possible. I eat food every day but how much I work to cook  , how much money I spend to buy it , just a fraction of time ,money and effort… but I have to think of people who grew it ,doing all efforts to make it, not only grow well but also save it to reach to  the market to get a reward of money to buy what they need  . He does the  work  from sowing the  seed to harvest and so many other people make it possible to save it from damage from nature but ultimate force is God who makes it possible to feed us.
How many people did not sleep last night so that I can sleep with comfort to give updates of the snow storm, that our area is safe for today but nothing can be said about tomorrow.
God bless those who work to keep us alive , who care to save our lives risking their own . Thank you every one who read what I write ,what is in my mind. Peace!