Writing Awards

writing awards
At Noahwriting, we want to provide writers with an open platform to continuously push the boundaries of genre and literature, and to explore their untapped writing potential. We encourage writers to go beyond their comfort zone, settle in something unfamiliar and uncomfortable, then conquer it.

To acknowledge the development of these writers, Noahwriting presents The Excellence in Writing Award to those who have contributed beautiful and original work.

Noahwriting considers the following criteria when evaluating writers for this Award:

  • The number of high quality writing posts.
  • The number of engaging comments on others’ posts.
  • The likes and comments on the writing posts from other writers and our editors.

Who can Participate: Writers of all ages and levels are welcome to participate.

The Excellence in Writing Award is determined on a continuing monthly basis.

Award: Certificate and a monetary price, ranging from $100- $1000 from Noah Education Fund.

Additional Tips:
 * Share your posts on your social media pages! Utilizing Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram is a great way to get more views, comments, and feedback on your stories and poems.
 * Comment on other users’ posts. The more comments you post, the more we’ll see that you’re engaged in the community and are giving feedback to your peers.

2018 winners of The Excellence in Writing Award:
2017 winners of The Excellence in Writing Award:
2016 winners of The Excellence in Writing Award: