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As we strive to provide aspiring writers with useful and easy-to-navigate resources, our ultimate goal is to help improve their writing skills, literary aptitude, and overall confidence. This page is designed to assist writers with their projects, whether it be a research paper, short story, personal interview, or anything in between.

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Refining Your Thesis Statement

How to Write an MLA and APA Bibliography

Conducting Various Types of Interviews

A Beginner’s Guide to MLA Citations

How to Use ProQuest

The Human™ Guide to APA Citations

Determining Fair Use: Amount and substantiality of the portion used

Determining Fair Use: Purpose and Character

Tips for Citing Sources

Three Ways to Find Credible Resources


Tips for Marketing on eBay

Tips for Writing the Perfect College Admissions Essay

How to Write Basic Instructions

How to Compose the Perfect Email Cover Letter

How to Write a Letter of Recommendation

How to Prepare an Effective Lesson Plan

3 Standard Resume Formats You Need to Learn

The 6 Most Commonly Used Narrative Structures in Fiction Writing

5 Book Report Tips Your Teacher Will Appreciate

3 Steps to Dealing with Rejection

A Literary Comparison: Kafka Vs. Palahniuk

Preparing a Research Paper

Speech Writing Using an Outline

Understanding the 6 Sentences Structures

3 Ways to Improve Your Constructive Criticism

How to Write a Condolence Message

Peer Editing Correctly and Effectively

The Power of Outlining

Paragraphs: Why and How to Use Them Effectively

Five Common Writing Mistakes Beginners Make

Style Guidelines for Organizational Grants

Poetic Forms and How to Improve Upon Them

For When You Just Can’t Do Another Assignment

Why Libraries Should Be Your Best Friend

Visual Analysis of a User Manual

6 Resources You Might Not Know You Have

Fifteen Writing Tips and Techniques

Finding the Right Tone for Your Audience

How to Format Dialogue

How to Write an Annotated Bibliography

How to Write a Well-Constructed Essay

Resume Writing Tips

Saying Goodbye to Casual Emails: Tips on Writing Professional Emails

Seven Ways to Promote Your Writing On and Offline

Social Media Writing: How to Get a Grasp on This Emerging Skill

The Basics of Organization and Brainstorming

The Dream Job: What Can You Do to Open the Doors to Success

The Importance of Networking

Tips for Creating an Effective Flyer

What to Include in a Cover Letter


4 Ways to Add Depth to your Characters

Incorporating the Real World Into Your Fiction

How to Create Authentic Characters

Cons and Pros when teaming up with your Bro

Journaling for Beginners

The Unnecessary “That”

Taking Lecture Notes

How to Improve Your Descriptions

4 Editing Strategies for Your Next Draft

Why and How to Journal Every Day

5 Tips on Writing with Detail

An Invitation to Read More

Writing is a Skill – Act Like It

I Woke Up At 4:30 am… To Write

Get Your Writing Motivation Back

Creative Writing Topics

Creative Nonfiction: What It is and How to Master It

Don’t Wait: Live Your Dream Now

How to Overcome Writer’s Block

Ten Books to Consider Reading to Become a Better Writer

The Travel Writer’s Guide

The Vast World of Postcolonial Literature

Three Things to Keep in Mind When Writing Poetry

When, Where, and What to Write